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So, with that said, let us introduce you to our family! Quinn and I are navigating the bittersweet transition to midlife and watching our family of five going through profound changes and reorganization. The term “empty nest” is absolutely on our radar as we watch our little birds beginning their practice flights from the home.

We are raising three girls ages 15, 17 and 19 in Raleigh, NC. We met at Kent State University, Ohio in 1989 and have been together over 30 years!


Vickie is currently a full time stay at home mother and home educator. Our family is currently in our 9th year of homeschooling and are navigating the unchartered territory of homeschooling through high school. This fall, we will have a sophomore in college, a sophomore in high school and another celebrating their senior year of high school! Vickie was a critical care nurse before transitioning into her new roles and loved her time at the bedside and working in the hospital. Vickie is a lover of nature and passionate about encouraging our children to look up, get outside and raise life long lovers of learning. Her love of nature has one caveat, if a bee comes around, she has and will sacrifice anyone around for her safety. It’s true. She has shamefully been known to throw her own children in harms way to save herself! She enjoys creating warm, cozy spaces and sprinkling pixie dust to the ordinary. Some of her favorite places you can find her is reading a good book, by a cozy fire with a really good glass of red wine or outside in the garden.
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu



Quinn is a rockstar!  He is the owner and director of a holistic health practice called The Center: Natural Health Specialists in Raleigh, NC. He also runs an online holistic health consulting business Online Holistic Medicine.  Quinn has published a popular book for students of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine called The Clinical Reference Guide for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.   In addition, he seeks adrenalin rushes, loves cooking, plays guitar, hanging out with his friends & family and is actively pursuing two new passions – surfing & surf skating!

A well lived life doesn’t just happen, it is designed.” – Quinn Takei 



Kayah is 19 and prefers to go by the name “Yuki.” Quinn and I refer to them as our Renaissance child. This past spring, Yuki finished their first year of college at UNC Chapel Hill (and made Dean’s List both semesters!) and was our first homeschool graduate! They have a passion for academics and are extremely self-motivated and directed. Yuki is a philosopher at heart and loves to wrestle with material. They are the type of person that deep dives into areas of interest – dinosaurs, Egyptian and Greek mythology, the basics of quantum physics, the Chernobyl disaster, Shakespeare’s works, among many other topics. As Yuki’s parents, it is fun to witness them spark of curiosity and then the plunge into the deep murky water of understanding. Yuki is a voracious reader and has danced in some capacity their entire life. In college, they are exploring many new interests and facets of their being, such as kendo, volleyball, and weightlifting! With Yuki’s heritage and their interest in Japanese culture, they are also studying the Japanese language at UNC. Yuki has as solid of a moral compass of anyone I know and is very level-headed and principled. Currently, sustainability and climate change, equality in education, and the rights of the marginalized are of their highest priorities/causes. At this time, they are planning on double majoring in Anthropology and Biology with plans for graduate school and potentially a doctorate in the future.  Here are three of Kayah’s favorite quotes at this time:

This world is cruel and also very beautiful” – Mikasa Ackerman, Shingeki no Kyojin

You can be a hero.” – Toshinori Yagi, Boku no Hero Academia

Do the stars sing?


In which language? 

They sing in every language. Even the ones we don’t know.”

David Lee, “While Walking (VII)” from So Quietly The Earth


Kira is our 17 year old fun loving, go with the flow social engineer.  Kira has a special sensitivity for people and animals — especially those with challenges or unique situations.  Kira has to create, in all mediums, daily. Creating is existing for her.  Kira plays guitar, writes music, paints, dances sings and enjoys pushing herself beyond her comfort zone.  Kira dances in the Core Company and in the Prepro program at CC&CO Dance Complex.  Kira is also in the process of writing, recording and releasing her 1st album!  Follow Kira at her website to hear what is going on and catch her new releases! Kira is a strict vegan and manages her meals and has become quite a cook with amazing talent! She is fan of cozy spaces. Kira is a child that doesn’t boast or share much and then will delight or surprise you with an accomplishment.  Kira’s preschool teacher summed her up best, “Kira is a friend to everyone.”


It’s okay to outgrow friends.
It’s okay to outgrow places.
It’s okay to outgrow habits.
Allow yourself to evolve.
-We the Urban


Kamiko is 15 years old. Quinn jokes that Kamiko is really the boss of our family – and all of us agree.  Being our 3rd, we have ‘parented’ her the least and as a result,  feel she has the most solid sense of self – she can not be talked into, persuaded or requested to do something she does not wish.  She has a golden heart and generates amazing insight with people and situations.  She is the person that knows when a hug, given at exactly the right time, has the potential to end a war.  Kamiko published her first book titled The Book of Life” Kamiko’s Book of Life  at a young age. Kamiko loves swimming.  When she was 6 we were leaving our community pool and she grabbed my hand to stop me and said, “I want to do that.”  — she was pointing at the swim team practicing and I said, shocked, “Miko…you want to be on the swim team?”  She replied, “yes.”  I giggled and said, “Ok then, let’s go check it out!” She not only joined the swim team that summer, but started swimming year-round the year after that, and has continued ever since. Kamiko currently swims year-round for the Tac Titans, and previously swam for the Marlins Of Raleigh. 

One of Miko’s favorite quotes, “…do not hurry the journey at all.” 

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