About Me

Hi! Im Vickie from Rock On Living, and this is a little bit about me.

I am…

– a lover of learning
– a being that delights in the awe and mystery of the universe
– a human with introverted tendencies
– tenacious as hell
– an artist at table setting & event planning
–  happiest in candle light
– navigating a love/hate relationship with bees
– a cultivator and believer of the significance of celebrating rites of passages &  tradition
– a coffee & red wine drinker
– a person who relishes mornings
– a person who sees nature as my cathedral
– very slow to label anything in life as “bad.”  

– an amateur gardener

I am a mother of three teenage daughters and wife of 26 years. I have cultivated this space to grow and evolve as the seasons of our home constantly change. At this time, I am transitioning our home to one of launching children, navigating menopause, and redesigning what my next cycle of life will look like and have never been more excited! Right now, you will most likely find me out back in our gardens – spending time in nature, looking for inspiration, listening to her wisdom and enjoying the peace she has to offer. During this time of extreme chaos swirling around us, more time outdoors seems to somehow center me. So, come on around back, the gate is open…I am glad you are here!

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely set back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. -Leonardo da Vinci

Mama’s Thoughts



by vickie takei The water is sparkly like diamonds the wind supplies a constant source of playfulness on top of the water. Birds are flitting and flirting among the trees hobnobbing generous bird feeders full of easy snacking from homes of hibernating humans. The...

Dear Tired Mama,

One day you will miss this. I promise. So, tired mama, today as you race around town from activity to activity, as you whip together snacks, meals, send in treats for your children’s class, as you sit in carpool, while you sit in the car waiting for them to come out,...

Living with Soul

Living with Soul

Our Blindfolded Masterpiece of 2021Over the next few days we will each add our special word(s) and phrases A funny thing happened on the way to the forum - Or, maybe it was on the way to 2021? Sitting quietly reflecting on 2020 and what I desire most for 2021, I heard...

You’re Actually Doing Good!

Have you felt distracted and unable to focus more than usual in the last two weeks/months? Check. Have you felt down or sadder that usual in the last two weeks/months? Check. Have you had difficulty focusing or concentrating in the last two weeks/months? Check. Have...

Have A Plan

Regardless of the November election outcome, there is going to be a huge group of people feeling angry, hurt and perhaps depressed. This is assuming the results are considered legitimate and one of the candidates acquiesces to the other. We know this could go on for...

The Promise

The Promise

"The Promise" by Tracy Chapman If you wait for meThen I'll come for youAlthough I've traveled farI always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of meIf you miss me once in awhileThen I'll return to youI'll return and fill that space in your heart...

Slack Tide

Slack Tide

I am in Maine for what I will call "slack-tide." Time away. In silence. I traveled just about as far up the Northern Coast of the United States one can travel to ‘get away.’ I am staying at a family cottage that sits on the Atlantic Coast in Delano Cove in pristine...

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