by vickie takei

The water is sparkly like diamonds

the wind supplies a constant source of playfulness on top of the water.

Birds are flitting and flirting among the trees

hobnobbing generous bird feeders full of easy snacking from homes of hibernating humans.

The Winter Rose dons her crown jewels of bloom in the sunshine in varying degrees of color.

I spot one bloom with a brave lone and hungry bee gathering food in the dead of winter.

Too slow to snap a photo of this little guy

he flies as if drunk or half-asleep

– able to get to another bloom before I am able.

The oak trees still hold onto their crispy light brown leaves

and there is a constant low rustling of a paper sound

they seem to be able to emit like rays of sunshine never end.

Where is that little bee’s hive?

How does he know to come out of its snowbird home to forge for food at this time of year?

Many trees are pure outlines of limbs against the Carolina-Blue sky

and there is layer of low white clouds that appear to have been chopped right across the top to create a flat

surface for the entire span of the horizon.

These clouds are so low and faraway the are actually below the tree line.

Squirrels continue to roam and scour ninja-like and are the epitome of tenacity,

never giving up.

 I witness their acts of flight more easily

now that the cover of the canopy of trees have disappeared.

There are red berries in patches in the woods.

 The glorious Golden Hour of Summer seems to linger all day long…

At 1pm the sun shines like an 8:30 sunset at the beach on an never-ending summer.

Shadows long.

Light spreads like a large homemade picnic blanket on a warm day.

The trees appear to be dancing, swaying, resting, prepping for the seasons that lies ahead.

150-200 feet high evergreens and pine trees.

They have done this song and dance for some many years

and hold wisdoms and history that allow them to appear

not to fret

about their past,

or their future, but

live in the moment and sway, not snap.