It is 2am and I am wide awake…been there?  This happens to me a handful of times a year.  Usually, I fall asleep very easily, stay asleep and need an alarm to arise early.  I am not sure what exactly happens, but last night I think it was a combination of being hot (our AC broke during the hottest weather in North Carolina this week) and my head full of ‘tasks’ that I hope to complete before leaving for our family road trip out West in a few weeks.  The major task is prepping our 4th year of homeschooling!  I have had piles of books, workbooks, manipulatives & school supplies in my bedroom for weeks!  I made a promise to myself to put relationships 1st in my home and ‘tasks’ 2nd (cleaning, organizing…) and it is such an exercise in reframing.

But, what happened to me last night at about 4am was like the electronic gods & goddesses delivered to me a gift.  In the past, I think I would have totally freaked out, but instead, this morning, I feel free.  My inbox had over 5000 emails – I have a habit of regularly checking emails and responding, but not deleting…just in case…so after a couple of hours of handling emails that required my follow-up for July, I started deleting…line by line…hundreds and hundreds of emails and then all of a sudden, like an electronic house fire, they all disappeared – vanished…every single one. I couldn’t believe my eyes!  In the past, I would have had a moment of panic, but you know what?  IT FELT AWESOME…

I turned off my computer.  Closed my eyes & went to sleep.

This morning when I woke up my inbox said “5 emails”.   FIVE.  I read, deleted and now – my inbox is EMPTY.  I feel light.  I am sure there will be something or someone I hear from because I forgot about something I deleted, but really…thousands of inbox clutter is gone and I feel so good about it. I feel I subconsciously have been holding electronic clutter, or weight in my brain and didn’t even know it.

This experience was a gift because I feel it was exactly what I needed to inspire & motivate me to tackle the piles for our school year and remind me to delete what’s not working in my inbox!

Yesterday I heard a quote that resonated “If you don’t have time, you cannot offer kindness.”  These piles of undone or unfinished work is life draining and a thief of time…today, it will be handled.   Below are the pictures of my ‘school room’ — tons of ideas, lessons and experiences just waiting to be either deleted or prepared.  So excited to get started and organize an awesome school year!  Ready everyone?  Here we go!!!